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Friday 9th February INSET

There will be no school on Friday 9th February as teachers have an in-service training day. School will commence for students on Monday 19th February after the Spring mid-term break. You can view the full visual academic calendar here

Year 8 Parents' evening

Dear Parents/guardians,

Westside School would like to invite you to the Year 8 Parents' Evening on Wednesday 21st February (8JKPQ) and Thursday 22nd February (8VWXY) 2024 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at Westside School.

This will be an opportunity for you to discuss your child's report and progress with his/her teachers. Students need to sign directly with their teachers to book appointments. For any specific enquiries about your child/ward, please email enquiries@westsideschoolgibraltar.com or call 20074300. We look forward to meeting you then.

Year 9 Options Fair Invitation.pdf

Year 9 Options Fair for Year 9 parents & students

Choosing options in Year 9 is a crucial juncture in your child's educational journey. To this end we would like to inform you of the Year 9 Options Programme Road Map leading to year 9 option choices so that you can best support your child. Please find attached a visual road map that outlines key dates and content that will be delivered in the coming weeks. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Year 9 Options Fair taking place on Wednesday 6th March at Westside School, 4:00pm. This is an outline of the schedule:

Year 9 Options Fair: Wednesday 6th March 2024

4:00pm Brief Introduction in Main Hall (Lunch Hall)

4:15pm Time at Subject Stalls

5:00pm Final address Main Hall

5:30pm End 

This is an invaluable opportunity for you and your child to learn more about what each subject has to offer at Key Stage 4. Please find the Year 9 Options Fair Map below for your perusal.

Year 9 reports will be issued on the 7th March via email. You will then be able to discuss subject specific questions with your child's tutor on the 12th (JKPQ), 13th (RSTU) and 14th (VWXY) March.

In addition, please note that every student has been given a Unifrog log in via their school email. This platform is a fantastic online tool to help your child make an informed decision. Students can complete quizzes (as per the road map) and research topics of interest in the Unifrog Library. They can also access this platform outside of the school day. You can learn more about this if you visit our Student Life > PSHE within our school website. You can also find out specific details about each Key Stage 4 course by going to Our School > Curriculum.

The deadline for choices is Monday 8th April. I hope that this comprehensive programme will serve your child well and we look forward to meeting with you soon during the Options Fair. If you have a general question about this that you would like us to address in our presentation on Wednesday 6th March, please record it below:



For any specific enquiries about your child/ward, please email enquiries@westsideschoolgibraltar.com or call 20074300.

Westside Year 9 Options Programme Roadmap.pdf

Year 9 Options Programme Roadmap

January to April 2024

Yr 9 Options Fair Map.pdf

Options Fair Subject Stalls Map

Wednesday 6th March at Westside School, 4:00pm