Welcome to Westside School


I am delighted to welcome your child to the ‘state of the art’ new Westside School. Your child will be exceptionally privileged to be transitioning to the impressive new Westside School. There have been many teams of dedicated teachers and professionals working extremely hard to plan every section of our spectacular new school, with meticulous attention to detail. Our aim has been to ensure that all our students will have access to excellent teaching and learning resources and extraordinary amenities. Your child will be taught in an educational environment that surpasses all expectations and we look forward to showcasing our outstanding facilities when we take you on a guided tour of the school.

We are a very proud team of dedicated staff, committed to ensuring that all our pupils feel happy, secure and safe. Our highly skilled members of staff have expert knowledge and experience and will prioritise pupils in everything that they do. Our aim is to provide your child with a stimulating, learning environment, in which she/he will be challenged to realise his/her full potential. We aim to empower our students and we always encourage then to be ambitious for their future. It is our objective to equip them with the confidence and self-belief that they can make a significant contribution to society.

We will monitor and track progress very closely and if your child is identified as requiring pastoral or academic support; targeted intervention will be put in place. I am very confident that your child will be supported at every stage of her/his Westside educational pathway to learning. I can assure you that we will encourage him/her to aspire to achieve his/her personal best .

This site has been compiled to provide you with a general overview of the school: its organization, the curriculum and general procedures and activities. Here you will be introduced to the pastoral team in charge of your child and we will attend to any initial concerns that you may have. All enquiries or concerns are treated with due attention and confidentiality: where school and home are working together, we find that matters are always brought to a successful and positive conclusion.

I should like to take this opportunity to remind parents or guardians of students who have not already been enrolled in a local Government school, that they must register at the Department of Education and Training at 23 Queensway prior to the start of the academic year. This helps to ensure their smooth transition at the beginning of the academic year, and it enables them to start the term with their cohort of students.

Mrs CM. Barabich