Applying to Year 12

The deadline for applications was Tuesday 29th August.

We are, however, accepting late applications. Please note that it will take us time to process your application and get back to you. We thank you for your patience.

In order to access 12A, you must have achieved at least 4 GCSEs with Grade C/4. 

As a rule of thumb students wishing to pursue a subject at ‘A’ Level will have been required to have taken it at GCSE level and to have obtained a minimum Grade ‘C’ pass. There are some exceptions, however, so it is important that you refer to the table below which provides specific details of the entry requirements for each course.

Additionally, students wishing to follow two ‘A’ level courses would need to have a minimum of 4 strong passes at GCSE; those wishing to do three ‘A’ Level subjects would need to have at least 5 strong passes at GCSE. We would strongly recommend that students considering doing four subjects at ‘A’ level should have a minimum of six very strong GCSE passes. You should refer to the sections on individual subjects in the pdf booklet at the bottom of this page for any additional information pertaining to specific subject areas.

In order to access our 12G course, you must have achieved at least a Grade D/E or 3/2 for English AND Maths; and should have obtained less than 4 GCSEs with Grade C/4 overall.

Please refer to the pdf booklet Year 12 Courses 2017 (found at the bottom of this page) for more details about the Year 12 courses on offer. 

Click on this link in order to complete your online application form for 12A or 12G:

Application forms must be completed by Tuesday 29th August by 12:45. 

Application forms will be reviewed and considered by Senior Management. Once school term starts, the school secretaries will contact you with the result of your application.

You will either:
a) be informed that your application has been confirmed and asked to start your Year 12 courses on Monday 18th September; or
b) be invited to attend an interview. The secretaries will inform you of the date and time which you are to attend. It is advisable for you to attend the interview with a parent/other responsible adult. Interviews will be scheduled as from the 6th September.

Year 12A and 12G students start lessons as from Monday 18th September 09:00. On this day, you should make your way straight to the Lunch Hall.

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